Watch the video to see how FeRiva 21/7® works:1,2,5-7

FeRiva 21/7® is made with a special type of iron easily absorbed by the body

Iron must be absorbed by your body to provide health benefits.


FeRiva 21/7® has two added nutrients that work together to further absorb the iron 

  • Vitamin C (also known as Ascorbic acid) pushes iron into the small intestine’s cells
    • It helps keep iron in a form that is easily dissolved so it can be absorbed by cells
    • Attaches itself to iron in order to decrease the blocking effects of some foods that interfere with iron absorption, such as coffee and tea (polyphenols) and cereals (phytates)
  • Succinic acid pulls iron out of the small intestine’s cells, and into the bloodstream
    • It helps the iron pass through the cell’s walls
  • The amounts of Vitamin C and Succinic acid in FeRiva 21/7® were selected based on clinical studies balancing the most effective amount with the least side effects6,7

A Push-Pull Partnership Promotes Iron Absorption1,2,5-7




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