Calculate your Patients’ FeRiva 21-7™ Therapy

The FeRivalator simplifies iron supplementation with accurate servings
and individual goals for every patient’s unique iron status. 

The FeRivalator™ is an effective and time-efficient tool to help practitioners with iron therapy prescribing decisions. It calculates approximately how long a patient should be prescribed FeRiva 21/7™ as their iron supplement regimen. The FeRivalator™ provides guidance on a time frame to help treat iron deficiency, according to each patient’s personal hemoglobin and ferritin levels.

  • The FerRivalator™ emphasizes the importance of testing not only hemoglobin, but ferritin levels also, in order to asses iron status to inform prescribing decisions.
  • Inadequate iron stores will be demonstrated by low ferritin levels long before iron deficiency can be detected by low hemoglobin levels.

Allow the FeRivalator™ to take the work out of your iron prescribing decisions by simply entering current hemoglobin and ferritin levels below to estimate how long a patient needs to be on FeRiva 21/7™.

  • The FeRivalator™ calculations can also be used to strengthen compliance with a visual and personalized goal that the patient can see and be motivated to finish their course of therapy, get retested and feel the satisfaction of meeting goal, restoring their iron status and feeling better!