Tolerability and absorption
hand-in-hand with FeRiva 21/7®1-4

For many people, taking iron supplements is associated with some mild GI discomfort. Iron is a strong mineral — think about an iron fence or a cast iron pot! A little nausea or irregularity may occur with iron supplementation. In fact, some very gentle types of iron are only gentle because they pass right through the system, are barely absorbed, and so have very little impact on raising iron levels.

The iron in FeRiva 21/7® is a type of iron designed to be both tolerated and also well-absorbed.

  • The type of iron in FeRiva 21/7® (Sumalate®) has been shown in clinical studies to have favorable tolerability, even in pregnant women1-4
    • A lower iron dose has comparable or improved efficacy
    • It is specially treated so it won’t react with body tissues as much as other iron forms
  • Iron-free holiday reduces iron build-up in the GI tract

Dosing convenience

  • One tablet, once-daily
  • Gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free
  • May be taken with or without food
  • Each month’s prescription is packaged to help keep you on track
    • There are 4 blister cards (3 active and one placebo), each containing one week’s recommended dosing
    • Each daily tablet is numbered on it’s blister card so you’ll know you are taking each day’s dose, and know when it’s time to refill your prescription





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